RAMEN | 大砲ラーメン (Taiho)


Started off the trip with a Kurume (久留米) ramen classic ‘Taiho’ (大砲ラーメン) (Est. 1953). Decided to save that short trip down to Kurume and tried out its branch in Fukuoka instead, reckon that it has long gone institutional and shouldn’t have much variation. Tried this once two years back at the Yokohama Ramen Museum and this time around it was less ‘robust’ than what I can remember. Recognised as probably the origin of all yatai ‘tonkotsu’ ramen, Kurume ramen is renowned for its ‘robust’ taste of pork bones, with a nose very close to the Shanghainese ‘air dried ham with bones’ before they are treated and cooked. While regarded as the leading figure in Kurume ramen, Taiho has probably tuned it down quite a bit these days. The soup is still the richest among all tonkotsu ramens, but gone are the floating cubes of lard and to a large extend that ‘distinct’ smell. Still worth a try for historical reason but certainly no need to make that trip to Kurume.

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