RAMEN | 長浜 ナンバーワン 屋台(Nagahama No.1 – Yatai)


Paid pilgrimage to where it all started for our 2012 Best Ramen Award Winner ‘Nagahama No.1’ (長浜 ナンバーワン), the Yatai just outside the Nagahama Fish Market West Gate. Must say this is even much better than the one that we all loved in Hong Kong: the soup even more balanced, abundant freshly chopped green onions on top of some piping hot soup, together with the cosy environment inside a Yatai where I was having it with a very friendly local family that truly enjoy their ramens, you just can’t beat that ambience. Started off as the ramen catering to the palate of the workers at the fish market, one can easily understand the more subtle and balanced approach to a typical ‘tonkotsu’ ramen it took and thus eventually differentiating itself from the more robust Kurume and Hakata ramen. We were also impressed with how highly competitive is this space with at least up to 20 yatais/shops in just a tiny neighbourhood all claiming to be the origin of Nagahama ramen. Our award winning shop may not be the oldest (established 1971), but we must say that it has been by far the most successful one in going institutional locally and abroad. Having said that, the tiny little Yatai still kept its authenticity and should really be a ‘must visit’ for all going to Fukuoka. (Note: Apparently the shop was named after the fact that they are the first Yatai in Nagahama outside the Fish Market) (Note2: Also learnt here was the standard way to eat nagahama ramen and that is with kaedama (noodle refill). The soup is just supposed to be there to soak the noodles in, as most will ask for 1-2 kaedamas on top and the chef will serve the freshly cooked noodles directly into your bowl.)

(Update: The Yatai closed down in 2015)

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