GYOZA | in 福岡 (Fukuoka) (テムジン/博多一幸舎/宝雲亭/鉄なべ)


My last piece regarding the recent Fukuoka trip. Of course nothing is complete without mentioning the Hakata ‘mouthful’ Gyoza. Out of the numerous that I have tried, picked these four as the more representative ones which are certainly worth a try at your next trip to Fukuoka. Clockwise from Top Left.
テムジン (Temjin/Temujin (Genghis Khan)) : Probably the most established chain (13 branches) which also made it into some high end malls. Balanced and nicely done with a mixture of pork and beef as ingredients. Here I was introduced to the ‘Red’ Yuzu chili paste and there has been no turning back ever since.
博多一幸舎 テムジン : The only ‘ramen place’ gyoza that I have picked instead of gyoza specialists like the others. Stressed that not ‘much’ garlic are being put into it and the nice soft bones in it made them quite crunchy. Again, amazing red yuzu chili paste used.
宝雲亭 : One of the most historic (since Showa 24/1949) and tried the branch at the atmospheric Nishiki Shoji in Nakasu. Brought back the feeling of good old ‘Chinese Cuisine’ in Japan which is where all these ramen/gyoza things originated from.
鉄なべ : The most renowned one with its signature ‘deep pan’ hot plate. The most crunchy gyoza base though I found it a bit too thick as a result.
All in all, really worth spending the time looking for them and the resulting calories put on. Gyoza shop hopping is really a must for anyone visiting Fukuoka.

(Update: 鉄なべ stands out at our most recent revisit. The crunchiness and heat make it stands above the rest. The unique deep pan easily made it the first port of call in Fukuoka for all gyoza lovers. 宝雲亭, the origin of hakata ‘one bite’ gyoza, still has the best red yuzu chili paste, and probably the most classic and down to earth shop as well. テムジン kind of disappointed this time around, probably again down to the rather upscale shop tucked in the mall and not its honten that we have visited. – February 2017)


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