RAMEN | 麺屋いろは (Menya Iroha)


Arrival of the Toyama Black (富山ブラック). Brought into town by arguably the most commercial/international chain of it all from this Honkuriku prefecture, Menya Iroha (麺屋いろは). The 3rd overseas store for the chain, it opts to go alone in Hong Kong instead of joining the ramen champion concept as it did in Singapore. Was told to be first established by the shop 大喜 in post-war time Toyama City, the black soya sauce based ramen was designed to be heavy and salty to suit the taste of the construction workers that were rebuilding the city in order to replenish their loss of sodium through sweating. Menya Iroha obviously built a name for the ramen as well as itself too nationwide by winning the Tokyo Ramen Show 4 years in a row since 2009, which is a competition by sales. The ramen is actually not as salty as expected and it gets tastier as one digs deeper. With the good old ‘W series’ soup base concept, nowadays pretty common among most renowned soya based ramen joints, Menya Iroha certainly is another much welcomed addition to the tonkotsu-dominant Hong Kong ramen scene.

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