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RAMEN | Tokyo Late Night

Featuring some ‘functional’ shops which offer that ‘soul saving’ bowl of ramen after all the late night drinking. Starting from the top (clock wise) is Kyushu Jangara (九州じゃんがら), ‘tonkotsu’ taste that is closer to the Nagahama style. Have shops all … Continue reading

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DOYJOU NABE (どぜう鍋) | 駒形どぜう

Finally got the chance to try this historic restaurant 駒形どぜう in Asakusa. Fell in love with the setting and the ambience indeed. Basically one should really plan a long lunch here, sipping quality sake (a special house edition of ふり袖 … Continue reading

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TEMPURA | よこ田 (Yokota)

Got a rare one on one with Chef Yokota at the one-starred establishment of his name sake, thanks to Japanese friend AM who grew up in the Azabu neighbourhood and an old friend of the Yokota family. I will term … Continue reading

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WAGYU |ミート矢澤 (Meat Yazawa)

At this local favorite wagyu hamburger and steak place called Meat Yazawa (ミート矢澤). Surprisingly subtle taste both from the beef itself and also its saucing, which then let one truly tastes the wagyu. Given its rather fair pricing as well, … Continue reading

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BEEF NOODLE | 桃源街 vs 林東芳

Taoyuan street (桃源街) (top) versus Lin Dong Fang (林東芳). Revisited two of my favorites in Taipei city and the former still comes out on top. A truly balanced soup base, amazingly ‘Q’ noodles and beef that melts in your mouth, … Continue reading

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YAKINIKU | 老乾杯 (Kanpai Classic)

Best pick of the trip. As my favorite ‘Kanpai Bar’ (乾杯Bar) shop closed down due to renovation, opted for the more elegant original ‘Kanpai Classic’ (老乾杯) shop from the same group and it turned out to be a good choice. … Continue reading

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