TEMPURA | よこ田 (Yokota)


Got a rare one on one with Chef Yokota at the one-starred establishment of his name sake, thanks to Japanese friend AM who grew up in the Azabu neighbourhood and an old friend of the Yokota family. I will term it as the Tempura version of a sashimi omakase experience with chef taking great pride in explaining in detail each and every single course, in a combination of Japanese , a few English words and writing in Chinese characters. All fishes are hand picked daily by him at the Tsukiji market, only seasonal ones and from the Tokyo Bay Area (Edo-Mae). The long selection of 鮎 (Ayu), 姫子鯛 (Himegotai), 女鯒 (Mekochi), 鱚 (Kisu), 穴子 (Anago) to name a few are all just amazing …. The sensation is really like steamed fish with a very light and slightly crunchy coating, and the idea of having veggies (themselves seasonal and amazingly sweat) in between each fish just worked out perfectly. Pretty much still a family affair with father and son being the chefs and mom being the floor manager. Despite moving into a rather smart building, this is still a rather down to earth joint and quite fairly priced versus all its star-studded peers in Ginza and the neighbourhood. A must try.

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