DOYJOU NABE (どぜう鍋) | 駒形どぜう


Finally got the chance to try this historic restaurant 駒形どぜう in Asakusa. Fell in love with the setting and the ambience indeed. Basically one should really plan a long lunch here, sipping quality sake (a special house edition of ふり袖 produced by a equally historic sake maker Kitagawa Honke-北川本家 from Kyoto) and enjoying the amazing dozeu (どぜう) (loach: small eel like fresh water fish) hotpot on charcoal and taking it easy. The real focus of this dish is in fact the green onions (Negi) which are super fresh and sweet and in unlimited supply. After some hours of simmering, the eels just melts with the sauce and the onions then soak up all the taste. The whale sashimi was a nice addition as well. One of the most layback and enjoyable lunch I have ever had in Japan.

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