TEPPANYAKI | 山下 (Sanka)


Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new winner for the Best Teppanyaki Award in town. Against all odds, Yamashita-san hit home run on our first attempt at this rather hyped-up new kid on the block. Of Tokyo’s Ukai-tei fame, the salt-steamed abalone indeed turned out to be a well deserved signature dish. While the beef was certainly nothing to complain about, as one would have expected, the highlight of our visit was indeed the seafood and most importantly the amazing sauces that went with them. Well prepared of the highest french cooking standard, it was actually the asian-ness in it, in the sense of a lighter base and the smart use of condiments, that really brought out the freshness and the character. Decent wine/sake list featuring sensibly priced selections for drinkers also a plus and the ambience was also just right. Catching up with this trend of convergence between teppanyaki and fine dining, in a sense one can view it as a slightly asian version of ‘L’atelier’, featuring the best of Japanese ingredients nevertheless. Saving the best for last, the rice at the end was a real nice surprise. A must try! Trade secret for drinkers: they can be quite flexible with corkage!

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