RAMEN | 魂心家 (Konshinya)


My first encounter with a genuine bowl of ‘Iekei’ 家系 ramen was a very fitting end to the drink out night with my Japanese buddy KC, all the more so that he is a Yokohama-native. Translated as ‘house style’, ‘Iekei’ is a style of shoyu-tonkotsu which is more shoyu dominant and features spinach and quail egg on top of all the usual suspects. Originated from Yoshimura-ya 吉村家 of Yokohama, it gained massive popularity in the Kanagawa prefecture and is now to be found all over Japan. Respecting the origin, most of the shops named themselves ending with ‘ya’ (家) and are thus now called Iekei 家系 as a group.
Coincident enough, apparently the first proper Iekei ramen is also coming to town, occupying the space of the good old MIST in CWB. Called 松壱家, one can check them out from December 13 onwards.

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