SUSHI | 角 (Sushi Kado)


A series of good reviews brought me here ahead of the decision for the year end awards. Tucked in a quiet little corner in Central, I was welcomed by a nice entrance that reminded me of those little hideaways in back alley Tokyo. Smart lightings and jazz blasting on the background set up the right ambience and I even managed to start it all off with a glass of chilled suntory draft. Unfortunately, here is probably where all the positive comments will end. The too obvious connecting lines of the ‘wooden’ table top probably summed it all up: thoughts have certainly been put into packaging but in the end it is the substance that matters. All the seasonal goodies were served no doubt and they ‘look’ strikingly similar to those at Chef Jason’s previous shop Sase. Blame it on the weather or not, they just don’t taste the same despite being sourced from Hokkaido as well. The real bummer for me, however, was the rice that tasted very rough and detached, and we all know how important it is to the taste of the entire piece. Granted, I was not lucky enough to be served by Jason himself but that shouldn’t make that big of a difference to the ingredients. The sake list also look quite weak for the level that they are trying to position themselves. Quite some work still have to be done from here is what I can say. Afterall, Hong Kong has become a truly competitive place for sushi chefs.

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