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IZAKAYA | 炎丸 (Enmaru)

A friend in the F&B business brought along this award winning izakaya from Japan. Winner of the 5th Izakaya Koshien (居酒屋甲子園) back in 2010, the version brought along into town is more a posh and extended one of its ‘Kyoto Machiya … Continue reading

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SUSHI | 楽 (Kishoku)

The fallout of Mori-san with the owner brought us back into the market in search of the Best Sushi Lunch. Can’t help but to give Chef Do at Kishoku another try as he was certainly high up there on the … Continue reading

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Featuring a few remarkable bottles recently tried over two amazing New Year celebration sessions at Sase. 美丈夫 (浜川商店) 山田錦45 2-starred at the recent Pen magazine selection and a personal pick of the Palace Hotel Hasegawa shop manager. Rich and robust … Continue reading

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OMAKASE | 銀座いわ (Ginza Iwa)

My first encounter with Iwa-san (岩央 泰) as he’s back in town for a short stint. Trained under the Kyubey stream at the Palace Hotel Kanesaka before opening his own one-starred shop in Ginza, the style is certainly classic Edomae. … Continue reading

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When Gohyakumangoku (五百万石) meets Omachi (雄町). Trying out the recently much hyped Hakugakusen (白岳仙) by Yasumoto Shuzo (安本酒造) (left), thanks to the recent Pen magazine article that has given the highest ranking to three less known sake. By coincidence bumped … Continue reading

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