When Gohyakumangoku (五百万石) meets Omachi (雄町). Trying out the recently much hyped Hakugakusen (白岳仙) by Yasumoto Shuzo (安本酒造) (left), thanks to the recent Pen magazine article that has given the highest ranking to three less known sake. By coincidence bumped into sake enthusiast friend JM, offering Tohokuizumi’s Omachi (東北泉 雄町) by Takahashi Shuzo (高橋酒造) as a contrast, and what a night! The former did live up to its reputation with a nice complex showing, despite it being made with Gohyakumangoku, which usually is not to my liking due to its slightly put-offish nose when not handled by the best brewers. Certainly not with this one and fellow drinkers even detected a nice hint of peatiness in it, believe it or not. But as an all rounder, have to admit that the Omachi still has most of our votes. Well balanced and very pleasing, it certainly brought out the best of this ancient rice variety. Looking forward to more of these to come when we can shy away from the much overpriced brands and focus on real quality.

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