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OMAKASE | 銀座いわ (Ginza Iwa)

Iwa-san back in town and we rallied the troops with high expectations to repeat last month’s feast. Certainly no easy task as he ended up serving 11 of us at the counter all at once. Happy to say that the high … Continue reading

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BURGUNDY | Annual Wine Challenge

Probably the 8th edition of this annual ‘Wine Challenge’ among LG’s wine buddies. Theme picked this year being Vosne-Romanee 1er Cru, vintage 97-07, retail cost north of HK$ 1,000 per bottle. An enjoyable evening all in all with the Rene … Continue reading

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IZAKAYA | ほかほか (Hokahoka)

Louis Ho’s CWB branch of this establishment is getting more and more matured. Love the seasonal suggestions with its ingredients’ quality always guaranteed and certainly his sake and shochu selection is still unrivalled in town. Had some seasonal suzuki and … Continue reading

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RAMEN | 麺’s room 神虎 (Kamitora)

  Back in town but continuing the Kansai theme, tried out this ‘Kansai style’ Hakata ramen place from Osaka. Soup base is certainly tonkotsu with an Osaka twist, on the thick side with the trendy bits of floating lard, however … Continue reading

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YAKITORI | 闘鶏次郎店 (Shamo Jiro)

Still the favorite branch of my favorite Miyazaki chicken place, pending a trip to Miyazaki eventually. Always manage to miss the right turn when looking for this in Umeda and this time is no different. Tips for all future visitors: just … Continue reading

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RAMEN | in 道頓堀 (Dontoburi)

With even my favorite King-emon moving in as an all-nighter, this is now officially a ramen war zone. Still the good old light shoyu seafood base (lower right), somehow I found it slightly more oily than before, probably to fit … Continue reading

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KAISEKI | 祇園 にしかわ (Gion Nishikawa)

Yet another enjoyable meal, and again a young rising star. Nishikawa-san (西川正芳), now 38, opened his shop in Gion at the young age of 33 after being trained at the renowned 祇園さゝ木 and honed his skills at 祗園花霞. Being third generation … Continue reading

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