OMAKASE | さか卯 (Sushidokoro Sakau)


Same old omakase on food and sake at a equally reputable place as the night before but the outcome was so different. Classic Edomae no doubt but other than the ambience and quality of the ingredients nothing else went right. The chef was basically going around determined to finish what is in a box prepared for the few customers (counter sits only 8) and it’s just a pity that I have to call for a stop mid way, a first for me ever, as I was really full and reckon that I can better save my calories intake for the other goodies in Kansai. Never before to have seen a sushi chef making a mistake on the ingredients AFTER he served and CALLED it, and I was being served the very basic hakaisan and kubota for my sake ‘omakase’ trail. Not that we care what the tire man has to say about sushi joint but they did take their star away in 2013 after awarding it since 2010. The joint is from the Kagaman stable that have collected a few ‘stars’ with their other shops and thus was probably a ‘group’ decision back then. Just have to say what we have back in town are indeed of premium standard today even in Japan. Apologies for stealing the pics from the internet as I was playing ‘educated’ visitor next to some hardcore locals and don’t want to lose face for us all. That said, a fellow Hongkie arrived a bit later, snapping all the way and was also reporting ‘live’ with his whatsapp the entire meal. C’est la vie!

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