OMURICE | 北極星 (Hokkyukusei)


Established back in the Taisho era (1920s) by Kitahashi-san, this Osaka shop has always been named alongside Rengatei in Ginza as the two founders of Omurice (Omelette Rice) in Japan. The Hokkyukusei version turned out to be much more subtle than what I expected, with the ‘omelette’ more like a thin layer of egg wrapper which is light and not oily, yet still moist and fluffy. The chicken inside is also juicy and the sauce is surprisingly mild, my cup of the indeed as I don’t like the usual sourness that comes with it. Contrast with the typical checkered table cloth as found at Rengatei of these Yoshoku places, bet Hokkyukusei couldn’t find a more Japanese place to serve western dishes than the current one. Together with some light music as background, it was indeed a relaxing lunch for the weekend!

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