RAMEN | 麺’s room 神虎 (Kamitora)

IMG_20140220_135451 IMG_20140220_141208

Back in town but continuing the Kansai theme, tried out this ‘Kansai style’ Hakata ramen place from Osaka. Soup base is certainly tonkotsu with an Osaka twist, on the thick side with the trendy bits of floating lard, however not too salty. Toppings ‘具’ are of quality, particularly liked the generous dosage of black fungus and spring onions. The ‘charsiu’, however, was not looking as attractive as the original version back in Japan, which seemed like it should have been grilled. Asked for the classic hakata thin noodles and nothing special there. A good hangout I guess in the booming Wanchai culinary neighbourhood.

(Update: Closed in 2016)

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