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IZAKAYA | 神屋流博多道埸 (Hakata Dojo)

Night out with longtime friend and drinking buddy. Pleasantly surprised to see this enhanced version of motsunabe, now with mentaiko on it. While they might have tuned down the soup base a bit and less chili was sprinkled on top, … Continue reading

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IZAKAYA | ほかほか (Hokahoka)

First time for LG to participate in a so called ‘blogger’ dinner thanks to the invitation of owner Louis Ho. Let it be on the record though that the establishment was already our reigning Izakaya champion and thus we actually … Continue reading

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SUSHI | Sushi Mori Tomoaki

Our reigning sushi lunch champion is back, and indeed back with a vengeance! With a new backer, Mori-san settled himself in a neat new shop in the Fortress Hill area which minimalist deco could rivalled any decent players in Japan. … Continue reading

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ROBATAYAKI | 炭焼 笑宴 (Charcoal Grill Sho-En)

Revisiting our reigning champion of the category one very late evening and caught a large contingent of Japanese salarymen having probably a farewell party, which brought along just the right atmosphere. The complimentary aji for returning customers was very generous, … Continue reading

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OMAKASE | 那霸 (Naha)

Originally labeled as a Okinawan restaurant, the place is becoming more and more like a kappou place featuring seasonal dishes to me, and Chef ‘Lum’ always managed to bring out some nice little surprises. Going back for an early spring … Continue reading

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RAMEN | 大ふく屋 (Daifukuya)

Long overdue try out of this shop from Tokyo that sounded like a creation straight out from those ‘ramen battles’ in the comic books. Marketed as a joint effort by three leading shops in their own category, namely seafood based … Continue reading

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YAKINIKU | 牛角 (Gyukaku)

A last minute surprise visit to this reigning champion of our Yakiniku section and happy to report that it passed again with flying colours. New ingredients were added on top of its usual best sellers and quality is again guaranteed. Tried … Continue reading

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