YAKITORI | 南蛮亭 (Nanbantei)


A blast from the past indeed. Pop into this ‘relaunched’ official franchisee’s shop in town after the fall out with his earlier partners and was surprisingly greeted by my all time favourite Yakitori Chef ‘Kit’, a contact dating back to their Elgin store days some 15 years ago and brought back a lot of sweet old memories for yours truly. He’s probably still the best in town with a electronic stove in this game after horning his skills for the group in Shanghai lately and also a few of his own ventures over the years. However, this is probably the only thing one would like it just like the good old days. A very tired menu, lack of seasonal and Japanese ingredients not to mention a sake/shochu list that probably didn’t change for the last decade or so. All these will have to be revamped in order to bring it back to its glory days. New branches apparently will be opened soon and there’s talk of joining the genuine sumi grill bandwagon as well. Cross our fingers.

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