BEEF NOODLE | 小王牛肉麵 (Xiao Wang Beef Noodle)

Always better late than never. Finally tried this eatery from Kaohsiung, Taiwan brought along into town by a friend last year. Arguably the first ever beef noodle of Taiwan fame (double winner at the 2008 Taiwan Beef Noodle Festival) opening a shop in town, a trend we all hope to see rivalling Ramen one day, I did make this trip all the way to a remote part of town with quite some expectation. Went straight to its signature 皇膳芙蓉牛肉麵 which was said to be utilising the best part of the beef in between the chest bones and cooked for hours to make it melts in one’s mouth, it was just a pass for me. The soup base certainly tasted a bit more complex than the usual wannabes with a hint of chinese herbs but the entire offering, including the ‘super beef’, was still a bit blended and certainly a bit stretched to be asking for that price. The more reasonably priced basic ones are probably what I will go for next when I am back again and the list of Taiwanese dishes looks okay too. Will give it a try again as their branches got opened in more accessible places for the Islanders.
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