YAKINIKU | 牛角 (Gyukaku)


A last minute surprise visit to this reigning champion of our Yakiniku section and happy to report that it passed again with flying colours. New ingredients were added on top of its usual best sellers and quality is again guaranteed. Tried the newly offered unagi and back to my basic chicken thigh as well. Both didn’t disappoint and are fairly priced, as always. Didn’t start with the signature cabbage salad this time around but did end it with my favourite rock pot spring onion noodles and it was as good as ever, though still slightly on the oily side. Suntory draft and highball on offer at some of the best prices in town on top of some basic but decent sake and shochu, the drink list is certainly up to par for a yakiniku place. Despite sitting next to some monster parents for the entire meal, (some of those that insist on speaking English with an accent with their kids while certainly native cantonese speakers themselves), for those that understand what I mean, it was a great revisit afterall. Not a high end shop for sure, Gyukaku is still leading by quite some margin according to the LG price-quality scale. Happy to see that the queue shortened these days after probably the novelty effect. Top pick still despite its rather generic brand name.

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