OMAKASE | 那霸 (Naha)


Originally labeled as a Okinawan restaurant, the place is becoming more and more like a kappou place featuring seasonal dishes to me, and Chef ‘Lum’ always managed to bring out some nice little surprises. Going back for an early spring session, it was indeed a nice and mellow and yet fulfilling evening. From snapper to bamboo shoots, the light and subtle taste of spring is all around and went very well with a basic junmai that LG brought along. Yet another one on my list of seasonal visits in town.

*Note: Chef ‘Lum’ moved on in mid 2015 and is now at Okura:大蔵-okura/

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One Response to OMAKASE | 那霸 (Naha)

  1. haridasgowra says:

    Neat present,,,,,,,looking good……….!

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