RAMEN | 大ふく屋 (Daifukuya)


Long overdue try out of this shop from Tokyo that sounded like a creation straight out from those ‘ramen battles’ in the comic books. Marketed as a joint effort by three leading shops in their own category, namely seafood based (魚介系ラーメンの“せたが屋”)、tonkotsu (究極の豚骨ラーメンの“大大”)、and dried fish (煮干しラーメンの“ふくもり”), the resulting outcome is good but not really bringing it to the next level. With tonkotsu as its backbone, seafood as the main feature and dried fish as a kicker, the concept was indeed logical but somehow tasted like a water downed version for each of them rather than bringing out synergies. The use of baby bamboo shoots was a good twist and the other ingredients used were up to standard. A very typical modern Tokyo style taste, it will be a good addition to the Central lunch crowd nevertheless.

(Update: Closed in 2015)

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