YAKINIKU | 焼肉 孫三郎 (Magosaburou)


Kumamoto yakiniku chain moving into the CWB war zone, having tested their proposition on the other side of the harbour earlier. Occupancy was unexpectedly low on the night of LG’s visit and still no clue whether to blame it on the lack of promotion, the rather hidden location or the slightly high end pricing. Deco is fancy no doubt but the open space suggested a rather lively atmosphere being preferred, contrary to most of the similar ones being seen in Japan focusing in privacy. With its Kyushu background, it is a pity that Japanese seasonal ingredients are not being featured nor a more interesting shochu list being found. Will be challenging to stand out surrounded by more established competitors also from the land of the rising sun.

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1 Response to YAKINIKU | 焼肉 孫三郎 (Magosaburou)

  1. Coralee says:

    Thta’s the best answer of all time! JMHO

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