RAMEN | 麺処 金田家 かなだ家 (Kanadaya)


Tang lung street in town is now officially declared a tonkotsu ramen war zone! With the mega popular incumbent Butao and the Hakata heavyweight Ikkousha already established there, the reigning tabelog No. 1 ramen in Fukuoka recently made their quiet invasion too. Started off only in 2009 with a tiny shop of 14 seats in a little town called Yukuhashi, this is no doubt one of the recent-year wonders from the ramen-craze prefecture. Publicised as kurobuta ramen back home and indeed mega popular being voted No. 1 two years in a row in the land of tonkotsu Fukuoka, and currently still Top 20 nationwide, on top of its two-year back to back titles at the North Kyushu Noodle Festival and the best selling title at this year’s, it did leave a decent impression on LG’s first visit though not an outright wow just yet. Elegant thinly sliced charshu, creamy yet tender tonkotsu soup base with its signature bubbles on top, the melty seaweed that blends in well with the soup and last but not least the karashi takana with a kick, it is certainly giving all the tonkotsu players in CWB a good run for their money. Worth trying out early as the visiting Japanese chef is still in town and queue yet to be developed.


A London shop will be launched shortly as well by this same three-man team from University of London reportedly, being the partner of the owner’s international ventures.

An authentic ticket selling machine was spotted in the house. Hopefully they will really put that into use.

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