OMAKASE | Sushi Mori Tomoaki


Our frequent readers will know we tend to rank Mori-san quite differently for his sushi lunch session versus his omakase dinner. Concur with views of a friend that just visited the day before, it is a top-heavy approach to satisfy a more ‘local’ clientele, in which ingredients rather than the chef is taking the limelight. And with that expectation, one certainly didn’t ‘disappoint’. From lobster to uni to truffle to toro to wagyu back to more uni, and not to mention all the omega-3-rich cuts torched up, it was indeed a ‘heavy’ dinner. Not your typical Edomae but given the right crowd it still guarantees a good night out. One of the selected few in town that offers a good range of ‘Nabeshima’ at a reasonable price.

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