SAKE | 府中誉酒造 (Huchuhomare)


The first sake maker session LG has ever attended, the 7th generation owner/sake maker of this 150 years old brewery Yamauchi-san (山内孝明) did impress with the passion he has shown. Revived an ancient rice type some 20 years ago called 渡舟 and now brewing a very successful line using the same name, he nailed it down to ‘Teamwork and Harmony’ as the most important element for successful brewing of sake, which extended to not only the human beings involved but all factors related down to the yeast being used, itself a living organism and has to be treated in the most appropriate way to bring out the best in it. A very down to earth and honest taste in style, it is very different from the few popular usual suspects out there these days that are more like putting on a bit too much make-ups in contrast. Looks like it’s going to be a long and interesting road ahead for LG to submerge himself further into the world of sake.

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