Night out with members of LG’s amazing karate class, comprised of a IWC sake judge, a sake sommelier and a sushi chef, at the very own restaurant of the latter. The two featured sake were 1) 伯楽星 殘響 “Super 9” (新澤醸造店), which was very well documented and no doubt the toji’s masterpiece having to manage brewing a sake with the rice being polished down to a monster 9%. The resulting taste, however, was certainly on the sweet side and reminded us of Katsuyama, though with a shorter and sharper finish. Appreciated the effort but not our cup of tea. 2) 神開 みやの四季 純米大吟醸 (藤本酒造) was certainly a much more interesting choice when it comes to drinking enjoyment. Pretty much in line with the general favoured taste of the group, being rustic and earthy, this particular bottle also demonstrated a hint of citrus that went very well with the few dishes that were splashed with sauces of similar character, all created under the capable hands of Senpai Okura. Osu!

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