SUSHI | すし道 真次 (Shinji by Kanesaka)


Paid a visit to the Raffles shop of this joint, now proclaimed to be the ‘Best Sushi’ in the Lion City, which also recently opened another branch at the St. Regis. As the first overseas branch of the two-starred Ginza Sushi Kanesaka, coming out from the Kyubey stream, this is certainly classic Edomae down to its core. One would no doubt be mindful of the sourcing of ingredients given its distance from Japan, though the merits of the Edomae style is that it was created back in the good old days without the fridge and thus still worked quite well though they might not be really caught fresh out of the Tokyo Bay hours ago. Indeed while the ‘white’ fish might not be the best that LG have tried, the ‘shiny’ and ‘red’ ones are certainly up to standard. Service and skills are both top end Edomae and pricing is in line with Kanesaka in Tokyo, though a bit on the high side for a sushi lunch comparing to shops of the same level back in Hong Kong. Still probably one of the more authentic ones south of Tokyo no doubt.

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