YAKITORI | 白金 酉玉 (Shirokane Tori-Tama)


Probably the best Yakitori outside of Japan and too bad it is not in LG’s hometown. This joint from Shirokane, Tokyo brought along the perfect skill sets to do authentic char-broiled Yakitori, featuring all the special parts of a chicken as its main shop is famous for and the result is some mini skewers grilled to perfection. With also its sister shop from Tokyo being a liquor store/bar called 折原商店 (Orihara Shoten) and situated just next store, one can imagine the enviable line up of sake and shochu they have to offer, and what a dream team as a result. The only point to make, if one has to be picky, is that they probably choose to use a type of charcoal with less fragrance in their Singapore shop. While certainly helps the air quality indoors, the skewers somehow were a bit lack of that charcoal ‘kick’ one would have hoped for. All in all, still a great experience and will certainly make LG’s Singapore must visit list from now on.

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