IZAKAYA | ばくだん屋 (Bakudanya)


Smart move by this Hiroshima spicy tsukemen place to relocate upstairs and turn itself into more an izakaya featuring Kyushu fare rather than just doing ramen. From Hakata Hanamidori (chicken) to Hiroshima oysters and not to mention all the relatively rare Kagoshima shochu, it was indeed a best kept secret and is making LG to consider hard in creating a new ‘hole-in-the-wall’ izakaya award just for it. Originally designed to be one of those popular ‘standing bars’ found in Japan these days, the owner probably had to put back some chairs to fit the local crowd but in any case the ambience is still perfect with friendly staff and even live Japanese TV programmes. Open till 2 am, this is certainly a great addition to the CWB night scene.

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