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Took LG sometime to finally have the chance to try this much-hyped rotisserie that features ‘Picalou’ corn-fed chicken from France. Brought back good old memories from my Brussels days when a neighbourhood grocery prepared this dish to near perfection to … Continue reading

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YATAI | ケンコー食品ラーメン (健康食品拉麺 Kenko Syokuhin Ramen)

Picked a lunch time to revisit this probably only ‘Yatai’ style place in Hong Kong. A bit puzzled to report that the soup base seemed to taste a bit more blended than before, though the slight touch of ‘seafood’ is … Continue reading

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OMAKASE | 那霸 (Naha)

Back to Naha for a seasonal fix by Chef ‘Lum’. The usual no fuss, what you see is what you get approach and a series of seasonal goodies are again highlighted. The only disappointment of the night was the bottle … Continue reading

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BURGUNDY | Pairs Match-up Blind Tasting

A very humbling experience to say the least among LG and its Burgundy buddies. Was meant to be blind tasting four very close pairs, aiming to test our ability to identify the subtle differences. Ended up with us getting even … Continue reading

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RAMEN | 博多一幸舎 (Hakata Ikkousha)

Revisiting for the first time after they moved into their own shop instead of featuring at the Ramen Champion. Probably the most classic hakata yatai style ramen to be found in town and was fittingly greeted by the strong tonkotsu … Continue reading

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CURRY | Tiger Curry

Reported to be a joint effort of Sushi Kuu’s Chef Satoru together with the group behind LKF’s Lily and Bloom, the shop certainly stands out with its camouflage building on top, said to be designed by local graffiti artists 4Get. … Continue reading

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