CURRY | Tiger Curry


Reported to be a joint effort of Sushi Kuu’s Chef Satoru together with the group behind LKF’s Lily and Bloom, the shop certainly stands out with its camouflage building on top, said to be designed by local graffiti artists 4Get. Much have been said about its 26-spice creation produced and shipped in from Osaka, this is certainly not your ‘Jiyuken’ style however, and more like a ‘fusion’ mix of oriental and western spices, complex as expected and slightly on the ‘thin’ side when it comes to texture. Arguably similar ‘modern’ style curry could be found in Tokyo nowadays but this one is certainly on the sweet end versus its more common ‘acidic’ peers. An adoption to cater to the local taste probably, but it is more LG’s cup of tea as well. In short, the food here tastes much better than their looks, and the pics on their menu, especially the ingredients in the curry, certainly worth some re-takes to do them justice. Having tried their burger, it will probably be the katsu that LG is going to take on next. Looks pretty decent from my counter seat looking straight into their open kitchen indeed. Also worth mentioning is a rather extensive drink list for a curry place. Not yet there to unseat Izumi yet but a good, though more local, alternative.

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