RAMEN | 博多一幸舎 (Hakata Ikkousha)


Revisiting for the first time after they moved into their own shop instead of featuring at the Ramen Champion. Probably the most classic hakata yatai style ramen to be found in town and was fittingly greeted by the strong tonkotsu smell as one enters the shop, as if entering a yatai. Unlike a lot of its peers that is now going for richness and creaminess, it is the rusticness in it that makes it tastes authentic. Had a great experience in Fukuoka with their hakata style gyoza too but unfortunately the local version still need some work. The classic red yuzu kosho is also missing and they don’t even serve beer now in the shop which is a pity. Apparently the founder was trained at a renowned hakata gyoza place and hence the DNA. Seemingly yet to be brought over. The quality of some of the local staff is also worrying as mistakes after mistakes were seen and the place was not even half full. Arguably suits better as a late night post drinking bowl than the still mega popular Ichiran but it doesn’t offer such opening hours.

(Update: Closed in 2017)

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