YATAI | ケンコー食品ラーメン (健康食品拉麺 Kenko Syokuhin Ramen)


Picked a lunch time to revisit this probably only ‘Yatai’ style place in Hong Kong. A bit puzzled to report that the soup base seemed to taste a bit more blended than before, though the slight touch of ‘seafood’ is still in it, probably planted in the seasoning oil at the bottom of the bowl. Long gone is its self proclaimed Kobe 播磨高砂 origins but rather becoming more like ‘Nagahama’ style and indeed quite fitting come to think of it with its hint of ‘seafood’, though it is still far from the originals, which interestingly don’t have this special feature despite its fish market roots. Didn’t recall such hefty dosage of spinach in it before which is a nice touch. Another nice surprise is a series of very authentic Japanese ‘salaryman’ style lunch sets. From katsu to curry, it is all done in the basic ‘Yatai’ style kitchen, with the counter seats having the best views. The gyoza could be spared, as this ain’t no Hakata style though skilfully done on the hot plate nonetheless. Will be a pity if the ramen is in fact losing its robustness as it is still the location for an ideal late night ‘soul-saving’ bowl with a few quality whisky bars in the neighbourhood.

(Note: extensively upgraded its evening offerings and turning into a really authentic Yatai, run by the charismatic Yamasaki ‘Yama-san’ husband and wife team. Oden, sake offerings and teppan yaki stuff all great and its Motsu Nabe is certainly now the best in town, December 2016)

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