Took LG sometime to finally have the chance to try this much-hyped rotisserie that features ‘Picalou’ corn-fed chicken from France. Brought back good old memories from my Brussels days when a neighbourhood grocery prepared this dish to near perfection to the extend that we labelled the female owner ‘Madame Poulet’! Here in town, they actually didn’t disappoint. Arriving a bit late in the afternoon and thus couldn’t manage to find the store ‘just by the smell’ as proclaimed by some others, the half a bird ordered was indeed very juicy and tender and the chicken oil infused potatoes a perfect match. Couldn’t find those little tables and chairs at the storefront as advertised and thus ended up using the tiny bench facing the carving table: not recommended on a hot summer day. Takeaway is probably the best option for now or come back on a nice autumn afternoon and savour it with a bottle of wine.

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