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SUSHI | 天膳 (Tenzen)

In search of the best value for money sushi lunch in town and it was down to this local establishment and the famous chain Sen-ryo from Japan powered by Maxim’s into the last round. Had 2 back to back weekend … Continue reading

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YAKINIKU | 298 Nikuya Room

We might have just got a new winner for the Yakiniku category. Long aware of its more casual sister shop, the 298 Nikuya Kitchen, and yet never had the chance to pay it a visit, we were attracted by a … Continue reading

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SOBA | 角平 (Kadohei)

Visited a karate Senpai of LG’s down in the Yokohama area and was introduced to this much heard about ‘soba culture’ which was believed to have been practised ever since the Edo era. In short, it is about taking it … Continue reading

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RAMEN | 阿夫利 (Afuri)

Late night wandering ‘lonely gourmet’ style brought me back to this special Yuzu Shio ramen place that certainly wowed me the last time when I checked on their Harajuku shop. Named after Mt. Afuri in the Kanagawa prefecture for the … Continue reading

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IZAKAYA | 赤鬼 (Akaoni)

Returning to this legendary sake bar/izakaya with a sake ‘dream’ team and boy were we spoiled! The usual Juyondai line up aside, finally got to try the one and only PB made just for the establishment by the sake producer, … Continue reading

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TEPPANYAKI | うかい亭 (Ukai-tei)

Another one on the must do list for ages but never had the chance when in Tokyo. Finally paid the Omotesando Ukai-tei a visit with a few of its frequent customers and it certainly ended up as a very enjoyable … Continue reading

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SUSHI | 銀座 久兵衛 (Ginza Kyubey)

Moving onto another ‘Mecca’, Kyubey is certainly one of the most historic origins of Edomae-sushi, breeding over the years a lot of starred sushi chefs to the extend that nearly every renowned edomae-sushi place today has some sort of Kyubey … Continue reading

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RAMEN | ラーメン二郎 (Ramen Jiro)

Probably the most anticipated visit to a ramen joint ever by LG. Accompanied by two Keio OBs/’Jirolians’, we ‘raided’ the Meguro branch of this cult ramen operator on a drizzling night. Well briefed by the two experts from the procedures … Continue reading

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