SUSHI | 銀座 久兵衛 (Ginza Kyubey)


Moving onto another ‘Mecca’, Kyubey is certainly one of the most historic origins of Edomae-sushi, breeding over the years a lot of starred sushi chefs to the extend that nearly every renowned edomae-sushi place today has some sort of Kyubey DNA in it. Visited the Keio Plaza branch instead of the Ginza Honten this time as Chef Kotaka-san over there is highly regarded. Gone are all those BYOB sakes and loud chats we practised back in Hong Kong. Even only at lunch time, we had a session with an ambience that truly resembled a classic kaiseki meal in Kyoto, when all the attention were put into savouring the taste in complete silence. Watching Kotaka-san and his assistants preparing every piece close to perfection is an enjoyment itself. And one can really tell the difference once you take a bite into each of these little jewel, even though they may just look like a good old edomae-set from the surface. Another myth verified and LG is very happy to add another recommended sushi place onto its list.

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    Hi, I am Wei Li from Voyagin and would like to get in touch with you. Do you perhaps have an email address where we can send our enquiries to? Thank you very much!

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