IZAKAYA | 赤鬼 (Akaoni)


Returning to this legendary sake bar/izakaya with a sake ‘dream’ team and boy were we spoiled! The usual Juyondai line up aside, finally got to try the one and only PB made just for the establishment by the sake producer, not to mention the sake of the night for LG, the summer version, seen for the first time ever for all of us, and its freshness combining with the usual robustness of the maker made it really irresistible. Rounds and rounds followed through, as in customary in this place, with many of those special editions or in fact, ‘Akaoni’ editions, from all the top-notch producers, we certainly had a ‘sake climax’ that evening. The ‘Mecca’ for sake no doubt and certainly a must visit in Tokyo for all that love this ‘ricey’-drink.

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