TEPPANYAKI | うかい亭 (Ukai-tei)


Another one on the must do list for ages but never had the chance when in Tokyo. Finally paid the Omotesando Ukai-tei a visit with a few of its frequent customers and it certainly ended up as a very enjoyable Sunday lunch, just when Tokyo finally blessed us with some sunshine after a few days of rain. While certainly have been informed about this one-starred establishment for a long time, it was really until its former chef Yamashita-san’s opening of ‘Sanka’ in Hong Kong that finally put it on LG’s map, much impressed by his excellent combination of french and japanese cooking, aided by the teppan. Here in Tokyo, however, it was really more like a french fine dining place with the teppan only used, in our case, at the end for the wagyu and some vegis. Having said that, that most amazing skill of seafood cooking, as seen in Sanka, was certainly kept well and alive here, even without the teppan. Our chargrilled lobster was a great testimony and the isaki that came afterwards was nothing less impressive. For ladies, you may want to know that there will be some amazing dessert trolleys waiting for you in a glasshouse setting to finish off or you may, like us, choose to sit outside at the terrace on a nice fine day. The wine list is more than reasonable and the service is attentive yet friendly. Another great example of teppan-french combination and certainly more impressive than the good old L’Atelier

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