SOBA | 角平 (Kadohei)


Visited a karate Senpai of LG’s down in the Yokohama area and was introduced to this much heard about ‘soba culture’ which was believed to have been practised ever since the Edo era. In short, it is about taking it easy in a soba place where customers will be spending long hours having snacks and sipping sake, with the soba as the grand finale. Indeed, we spent an entire afternoon in this historic soba place established in the 50s frequented by prime ministers, politicians and celebrities alike, talking about cultural differences and life in general. Quality sake and snacks as one would have expected but the signature tsuke tempura soba (つけ天そば) hailed to be the most original, if not the best, in the country, was really the highlight and a well deserved finishing touch to the enjoyable afternoon. Located within walking distance from the Yokohama station and certainly a unique long lunch Japanese style!

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One Response to SOBA | 角平 (Kadohei)

  1. eatprayjade says:

    yumm! looks amazing

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