YAKINIKU | 298 Nikuya Room


We might have just got a new winner for the Yakiniku category. Long aware of its more casual sister shop, the 298 Nikuya Kitchen, and yet never had the chance to pay it a visit, we were attracted by a few positive reviews of this newly opened and more elegant shop of the group and finally tried it out yesterday evening. Took advantage also of the free corkage (for now), the experience was indeed a very pleasant one with probably the best quality Miyazaki beef ever tried in a Yakiniku place in town. Took the cue from a recent Tokyo visit, the Harumi turned out again to be a winner and was probably the best ever we have seen in town. Also worth of special mention is the Guara (4th stomach) which LG had never tried in a nikuya way and led us to believe that its Horumon in general is probably of equally high quality, a must try for our next visit. Good drinks selection and cosy ambience, together with all the imported ingredients from Japan offered at a fair price, this one is highly recommended!

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