SUSHI | 天膳 (Tenzen)


In search of the best value for money sushi lunch in town and it was down to this local establishment and the famous chain Sen-ryo from Japan powered by Maxim’s into the last round. Had 2 back to back weekend lunches in order to make a direct comparison, it was Chef ‘Man”s humble shop in CWB that won by a narrow margin in the end. While Sen-ryo has no doubt strengthened its offerings substantially over the last year or so, from daily imports jet fresh from Tsukiji to an enviable sake and whisky line-up provided by some of the most established merchants in town, it was Tenzen’s maintenance of its sub HK$ 200 pricing (for its self-select ten-piece course) yet seeing no compromise in quality that sealed it for them. Although not as substantial, the present sake and shochu line up of the latter is no-mean feat to build up as well. Yes, there goes the luxury of being served piece by piece and the occasional featuring of a rare piece or two of seasonal stuff, when it comes to getting the most bang for the buck, Tenzen gets our vote.

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