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RAMEN | 鹿児島ラーメン豚とろ (Tontoro)

Hit this No. 1 Kagoshima ramen place according to ramendb on a very suitable night after some shochu bar crawl and looking for something to fill up the stomach. Much have been said about the popularity of this place in … Continue reading

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SHOCHU | Pilgrimage to Kagoshima

  For shochu lovers, this was really like a kid walking into a mega candy store. While frustrated with the lack of choice and depth in Hong Kong and sometimes even Tokyo, LG was overwhelmed by choices in nearly every … Continue reading

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SUSHI | 鮨辰 (Sushi Shin)

Tipped off by a fellow reader, finally paid a visit to this, by now, not so new establishment of good old Kenjo-fame, as the search for the best value for money sushi lunch in town continues. Secured a seat at … Continue reading

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SAKE | 鍋島 (Nabeshima)

First ever visit to town by this super talented owner/sake maker Naoki Iimori (飯盛直喜), who established the brand back in 1998 and brought it to the top of Japan in merely 4 years. Long renowned for its special fragrance, after … Continue reading

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When premium German producers meet the best of Cantonese. Some last minute surprise seeing LG and fellow wine buddies scrambling to put together a dinner to host two visiting premium German producers, Victor from Schlossgut Diel and Fritz from Weingut … Continue reading

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IZAKAYA | 白木屋 (Shirokiya)

Tang Lung Street in CWB is just getting wild these days (and I am not talking about the Naked Chef, relax). After turning into a Kyushu ramen war zone on top of being a Ika and Horumon hub, now comes … Continue reading

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TEMPURA | お座敷天婦羅 天政 (Tenmasa)

On a culinary trip to Macau and revisited this establishment which was finally ‘starred’ back in Japan in 2014. Don’t think the Hashiis care much about fame anymore in any case as they move onto their third generation from their … Continue reading

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