TEMPURA | お座敷天婦羅 天政 (Tenmasa)


On a culinary trip to Macau and revisited this establishment which was finally ‘starred’ back in Japan in 2014. Don’t think the Hashiis care much about fame anymore in any case as they move onto their third generation from their humble Kanda origin and have been serving royals, politicians and celebrities, local and international, all along. Funny enough did have a not too satisfactory experience at their Tokyo shop just a year ago, blame it on a just little too ‘excited’ crowd on a full house night, and have been thinking that their Macau branch had a better execution when I visited them a bit further back. This trip certainly consolidated that view of mine and to the extend that I will encourage food lovers from Hong Kong to make that trip and enjoy a long lunch there during these lazy summer times. Execution was just perfect during our visit with the texture of the coating actually adopted along the way to fit the ingredients being featured, and their superb quality well expected to be guaranteed. Also surprised by the size of the servings and no wonder it was frequently mentioned that people usually ‘share’ a course there, which is a steal really with its very reasonable pricing at lunch time. Overlooking the skyline of a rapidly developing Macau on a nice and sunny day, it was a Saturday afternoon very well spent.

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