IZAKAYA | 白木屋 (Shirokiya)


Tang Lung Street in CWB is just getting wild these days (and I am not talking about the Naked Chef, relax). After turning into a Kyushu ramen war zone on top of being a Ika and Horumon hub, now comes this Izakaya chain that probably brought along the biggest surprise of the year. Being actually in town for a while though finally coming to the ‘bright’ side of the harbour, one is easily tempted to equate it with the likes of Watami at first glance. Now after three solid visits, LG is very convinced that this may even make a strong contender for this year’s Izakaya award. From koji dishes to kyushu ingredients to the private rooms setting, this place is certainly bringing to town the latest trends in the Izakaya world. On top of all these, the service from the team led by the Japanese manager is just impeccable, with quite a few dishes actually cooked and served on the table, and everything comes at a very reasonable price. A big thumbs-up!

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