When premium German producers meet the best of Cantonese. Some last minute surprise seeing LG and fellow wine buddies scrambling to put together a dinner to host two visiting premium German producers, Victor from Schlossgut Diel and Fritz from Weingut Friedrich Becker. Turned to Lin Gor at Guo Fu Lou for help and was very well taken care of by Chef Leung and his team, as always. Featuring a full line up of the usual suspects aside, we even managed to throw in a killer dish 雞子戈渣 (i will spare you all from the translation) which matches surprisingly well with the wines being served. So no loss of face at least for the home team. As for the wines, LG is really just starting to learn how to tell its Spatlese from its Auslese, but most of them really stand out. From the Krug-like sparkling to the Big White of Victor’s namesake, the Diels certainly kicked off strong. The Beckers then came in with some amazing Burgundy like Pinots that are so ready despite of their young age which certainly made our usual Burg friendly dishes at GFL showed their real colours. And of course one can’t finish a German wine dinner without the sweet ones too, which was said to have rivalled THE French sauterne in quite a few occasions. Produced in extremely small quantities, all these are probably going to end up as ‘private collections’ for LG’s buddies, saved up for special occasions or to be featured as an ‘assassin’ wine in one of the future blind challenges. Great night out!

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