SAKE | 鍋島 (Nabeshima)


First ever visit to town by this super talented owner/sake maker Naoki Iimori (飯盛直喜), who established the brand back in 1998 and brought it to the top of Japan in merely 4 years. Long renowned for its special fragrance, after more extensive tastings this time around LG is convinced that it certainly got that hint of ‘citrus’ in it that happens to be yours truly’s favourite. The most impressive one has to be the bottle of ‘Gohyakumangoku’ Junmai Ginjo, as being a rice notorious for a rather intrusive taste if not treated well, the execution was close to perfect and actually brought out the best of that signature ‘citrus’ taste in the evening. Another nice surprise of the night has to be the contemporary western dishes paired with the different bottles of sake. Must confess I had never expected the team at the Dynasty Club would be able to come up with such solid and quality dishes, which stands proud even in front of all its ‘starred’ peers in town, and at just a fraction of the price. The dish of the night award goes to the Saga beef, which was grilled to perfection and indeed an amazing match with the local ‘Saga no Hana’ rice sake made by this producer from the Saga prefecture. Special thanks again to Iimori-san for offering us such nice sake for the night, all produced in super limited quantities. Probably one of the best value for money sake/wine dinners in the recent year!

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