SHOCHU | Pilgrimage to Kagoshima




For shochu lovers, this was really like a kid walking into a mega candy store. While frustrated with the lack of choice and depth in Hong Kong and sometimes even Tokyo, LG was overwhelmed by choices in nearly every single restaurant there, let alone the few amazing shochu bars in Satsuma land.

From the amazing selection of premium and rare shochu in Bar Ishizue presented by the ‘professor’, to the introduction of ‘summer’ shochu at Bar Sasakura, and finally the super friendly ‘hama’-san’s crash course on shochu tasting at Bar S.A.O, this was indeed a great ‘study tour’.

While LG lost count as in how many different kinds of shochu it tasted, featuring here are some of the more memorable and rare ones for your interest, sparing you pics of the ‘Big 5’ which LG had consumed in quantity too as they were priced at just a fraction versus Tokyo’s, if you can even find them there to start with. If sake is for the more subtle kaiseki and seafood dishes, shochu certainly brings out the soul of the robust Kyushu cuisine. We look forward to seeing the introduction of more selections into town spearheaded by the few to be launched shochu bars as heard in the grapevine.

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