SUSHI | 鮨辰 (Sushi Shin)


Tipped off by a fellow reader, finally paid a visit to this, by now, not so new establishment of good old Kenjo-fame, as the search for the best value for money sushi lunch in town continues. Secured a seat at the counter booking well in advance for a Saturday lunch, LG was still overwhelmed by how busy this place could get, and it was not even 1230 pm yet. Can see that the place have certainly built up a very solid local clientele, with some of them apparently having a regular seat at the counter every weekend. The style is certainly local too, with probably only the typical ‘drinking with the chef’ ritual missing during my visit, though maybe it was only lunchtime. Despite the war zone atmosphere, served effectively by this highly efficient three-man team behind the counter nevertheless, the 10+1 sushi set is still technically served ‘piece by piece’, or to be exact, ‘bloc by bloc’ at the counter on top of a piece of the good old ‘leaf’. At a slightly higher price than Tenzen, the improvements in quality is also recognisable. The only thing if LG might comment, being my drinking self but trying to avoid beers in general, is the rather pricy and less flexible sake/shochu list. With the exception of 1-2 special names spotted, it appears rather standard too when it comes to varieties. This is the department I must say Sen-ryo has made itself very competitive these days, probably due to its institutional backing. The verdict: certainly worth trying but have to book well in advance and ideally not going alone. The atmosphere is certainly warm and lively but may not be the cup of tea for those that prefer to savour their food in tranquility, especially when it comes to sushi.

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2 Responses to SUSHI | 鮨辰 (Sushi Shin)

  1. dimshum says:

    looks good- which piece was your favourite? 🙂

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