RAMEN | 鹿児島ラーメン豚とろ (Tontoro)

IMG_4303Hit this No. 1 Kagoshima ramen place according to ramendb on a very suitable night after some shochu bar crawl and looking for something to fill up the stomach. Much have been said about the popularity of this place in public domain and LG was also surprised to see its status being raised to the level of having ‘instant’ version featured in Lawson and all souvenir shops around town, probably with the help of some powerful marketing machine behind it.

The bowl itself was indeed what it promised as Kagoshima ramen, being least influenced by the dominant Kurume style among all different types of Kyushu ramen and each shop is supposed to come with a bit of creativity. Mild tonkotsu soup with quite a bit of greens and most importantly the ‘fried onions’ which made it stand out and reminded LG the Shanghai-nese oil and onion mixed noodles. The charsiu was also less chunky and oily than most of its peers seen in the city and this helped to bring out a more balanced taste to the entire bowl.

Can’t really say that this is my most favorite ramen, even among all those with a tonkotsu base, but nevertheless this is a must try when one pays a visit to the city, especially as the grand finale after a ruthless night of shochu drinking.

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